Hull & Aft Whole Boat Cleaner (Wash Concentrate) 32oz Squeeze & Measure Container


Hull & Aft Wash Concentrate is the #1 Solution for all of your marine cleaning needs. Our all-in-one cleaner was developed by boaters for boaters and specifically designed to make quick work of cleaning, so you can get off the dock and on to your next adventure. Convenient squeeze & measure bottle.


Hull & Aft

  • Eliminates Stern Burn by removing exhaust buildup to keep "Your Aft Clean".
  • Quickly dissolves organic matter such as dried fish, chum, blood, salt, bird droppings and insects.
  • Cuts thru deck and hull grime.
  • Brightens and Whitens.
  • Safe for paint, gelcoat, plastic, vinyl, glass, plexiglass and graphics such as logos, decals and stickers.
  • 100% Biodegradable


In a bucket, mix approximately 3 ounces of product for each 1 gallon of water. Wash as normal and rinse with fresh water.